Hello! Halloween has come, well not yet. Either way, we have a Halloween theme done! Also, we have a voting going for the best Pumpkin featuring an FMA character! Below are rules for photo entry and voting. If you do not follow the rules, you will not receive the prize (yes, there's a prize).

Photo Entry RulesEdit

To enter a photo the following rules MUST be followed:

  1. Please name the photo correctly:
2. After you have uploaded it, come here and go to the header labeled entries. Edit the gallery, and add YOUR photo. DO NOT add another person's photo, saying its yours! You will banned! Do not edit another person's photo description either.
  • Please note that the first photo added in 'Entries' is MY photo, and will not be considered for voting or entry. It is simply to allow for an example, except for the photo title.
3. In the photo description, name the characters featured and add a link to your user page. This will be used to contact you about the prize and perhaps to speak with you about violations of these rules.
4. Click finish and you're all done!

Voting RulesEdit

  • Only one vote per person
  • DO NOT vote for your photo! If you do, you will be given a warning! And if you don't change your vote or withdraw, you WILL BE BANNED!
  • When voting, do not vote for multiple photos! We are voting for the best, so please only vote for one photo. It will help me (the ONLY admin) go through the votes.
  • To submit a vote, go to Pumpkin Voting and fill out the poll there.